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Review: Train to Busan

Yesterday I watched a recently-launched Korean movie: Train to Busan. It was…… Hmm, let’s talk about the movie first, OK?

Plot (as copied from Wiki)

A man named Gong Yoo (a fund manager, AFAIK), his estranged daughter, and other passengers were trapped on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

The Conflicts

Of course, along the movie you’ll jump several times at the appearances of this living dead creatures. As its predecessors, you’ll find also the antagonist: stupid human being who acts like owning the whole world.

There’s a change in the main character’s attitude as an impact of the whole zombie situation. There are some drama moments which almost made me cry (Hey, it’s Korean movie… Dropping tears is beyond common!).

My Review

Overall rate… 3 out of 5 stars. Why?

The background story is unclear. The reason behibd the epidemic is only mentioned in 1 line. I feel like the movie tries too hard on selling the drama, thus sacrifices this important info as a result.

The zombies CAN RUN! For hell’s sake, it’s horrible to see the running zombies! Even though there’s no offial rules of zombification nor an exact history of zombie’s origin, this zombie behavior is an absolute subject of complains.

The infection rate/speed between 1 person to another is inconsistent. As an example… A is a zombie. B is bitten, hence turns into a zombie, in a 10 minutes.  C is bitten and turns into a zombie in 5 seconds. So… Inconsistent! Right?!

Last but not least: too much drama, dude! Instead of just run and dodge the situation, the characters spend some minutes to stare at each other – as in tipical Korean drama. In romantic movie, it’s perfectly fine. But in this genre… it’s just too much, sorry…

After all, it’s still entertaining, so I would suggest you to watch this movie, for fun! Especially if you are a fan of horror and thriller genre.



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