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Gift: Adult Coloring Book

I had my birthday on August 1st, and unlike the past years, I didn’t manage to write anything about it (Well… It’s not like this topic is important, though…)

And… Since today I’m in the mood of writing (Yeay!), I’d like to share about 1 birthday present I got on August. It might be interesting for your reference to buy a gift. Read on!

OK now, Jupy – a friend of mine, a colleague, and a crazy ass foreigner – gave me a coloring book for my 31st birthday. Yes! A COLORING BOOK. The cover said “Coloring Book for Adults” and also “ANTI STRESS”. I have to admit that he knows me pretty well from this wonderful gift.

It was published by Gramedia (a book store and publisher, well-known in Indonesia), made by Yulianto Qin, and brought up Batik (traditional printing pattern) theme.

I would say that this gift will suit either males or females. Just make sure that the one receibing it is an adult! Why? Because the drawing and the coloring level are absolutely too much for a kid. I spend a few hours to finish 1 page. Sometimes I leave 1 page unfinished, to go back at it another time.

Bo more chit chat, mate… Go see it for yourselves!



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