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Bumi Langit | Warung Bumi

Hello gorgeous!


It’s been a long long time after my latest post – I really missed writing!

Well, now I’m back with a story about Bumi Langit, a restaurant in the southern part of Yogyakarta.



Jl. Imogiri Mangunan Km. 3, Desa Giriloyo, Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55782.

Google Maps

Business hours: 8 am – 6 pm

Best vehicle option: Motorbike

The place is nice! You can see the greens down the hill (or cliff?). It’s pretty secluded from the outside world, so it will be a good place to escape from the crowds, the city rush, and all the problems in life.


Capacity: 40-50 person




I didn’t manage to take pictures of the menu. They serve Indonesian food (snacks and meals) and beverages, such as fried rice, fried chicken, fish, tea, coffee (including the origins), and more. Other than those written in the menu, they also have the specialties of the day.

//Edited – Adding the price//

Today I ordered these dishes:

  • Ayam Penyet Kecombrang (Chicken with Honje Seasoning) | IDR 75,000
  • Ayam Goreng Bahagia (Happy Fried Chicken) | IDR 60,000
  • Sambal Sere (Lemongrass Chili Mix) | IDR 5,000
  • Nasi Pecah Kulit (Extra Rice) | IDR 10,000
  • Teh Poci (Tea in Pot) | IDR 20,000
  • Coffee Latte | IDR 30,000
  • Take away: Toast with Peanut Jam | IDR 20,000
  • Take away: Toast with Mango Jam | IDR 20,000

In total, for all of those, I paid IDR 240,000.


The price is a bit high but the size of each portion is huge – for my size! Except for the rice… For the taste… the ones I had were good!

FYI, Bumi Langit produces their own jams (from their own fruit garden!) and bread (whole grain and other healthy-type bread) – for sale!



4 out of 5





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