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Hello gorgeous!

Ive been wanting to make a photo collage which creates a big photomontage on my Instagram account. And finally I did it!

If you are wondering how to make this kind of content (see below), you have to try InstaGrid!

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What is InstaGrid?
It’s an application for your mobile phone.
Click HERE to get the app from Google Play Store.


The #1 best free app to crop your pictures into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids and upload directly to Instagram.  Impress all your Instagram followers with high resolution grids that you can create from your personal pictures!  Gain more followers and attention by having the best looking grids on Instagram.

★ Crop any picture into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grids
★ High resolution images
★ Post images directly to Instagram
★ Save to SDCard
★ Very simple and easy to use

Step by Step




My Review
This app has a shortage on its posting feature. After you are done gridifying the image, you’ll have to post one by one.
Not only that, after you post one photo, you’ll be directed to the Home Screen of your phone. Even if you click on the Back button of your phone and successfully go back to the grid result on InstaGrid, at some point you’ll be redirected not to the InstaGrid but to your Home Screen instead.
That’s why, it would be better to choose “Save to SDCard” option before posting the puzzle pieces to Instagram. Otherwise, you’ll lose track of your images.

The visual presentation a.k.a. the display of this app is not so amazing, which makes it less interesting despite of the fabulous work it does.

Yet, the simplicity amuses me. For a fun purpose, this app is just proper.

I would give 3 stars out of 5. 🙂


So… what are you waiting for? Start gridifying!

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Photo Editor: PhotoGrid

Hello gorgeous,

As a maniac of selfie and social media postings, photo editor application is a must! Yes, you really need a good application to fulfill your photo editing needs.

I’ve been struggling to find the best application which fits me. And… after several installing-uninstalling moments, I keep my eye on 1 application: PhotoGrid.

There are options to create collage with existing collage grids or even templates which are kept updated, usually following the current happening such as Valentine’s day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and so on.

There’s also a single editor option. You can keep the original size or edit it in Instagram mode (square shape).

Like most of the photo editor apps, PhotoGrid also provides filter and sticker features.

That’s all I can say about this app. You can download the Android application HERE. Enjoy the photo editing!




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Selamat Wisuda!

Sabtu kemaren, tanggal 23 Mei 2016, salah satu temenku akhirnya diwisuda. Namanya Novi “Soes-e” Susanti a.k.a. Ibu Negara. Inget postingan tentang tukang gitaris yang otw nikahan? Nah… si Ibu Negara nih istrinya APK, si oom-oom gitaris. Cek postingannya disini nih kalo belom baca!


Trus… aku kepikiran buat ngasih hadiah graduation yang nggak biasa. Apalagi paginya aku ga sempet ikutan ke acara wisudanya soalnya ada acara team building ama anak-anak Submissions (anak kantor) di Queen of the South Resort.

Jadi… setelah balik reguleran nyanyi di Novotel, aku pulang ke rumah, ganti baju, bablas ke Indomaret terdekat buat belanja beberapa item. Setelah muterin seisi Indomaret, ini nih yang aku beli: kertas kado, Koko Krunch, 1 box Wedang Bajigur sachet, 1 box Bandrek sachet, 3 pack Cha Cha, n 3 macem Tarami FruitMarket.

Abis belanja, aku nongkrong bentar di teras Indomaret (sekarang udah ada tempat duduknya di teras Indomaret, jadi bisa dipake nongkrong hore). Ngapain dong nangkring di situ? Jawabannya adalah… BIKIN HASTA KARYA!!! 😀

Setelah berkutat ama barang belanjaan plus menahan malu bikin prakarya di depan orang banyak, jadilah hadiah spesial buat Ibu Negara. Langsung cek aja gambar di bawah ini buat tau hasil kerajinan tangan aku…

Jadilah buket snack! Wekekeke… Lucu khaaaan…? Anti mainstream dan lebih berguna!

Sesampenya di rumah Ibu Negara, dia malah udah tidur… Zong banget! Tapi, aku tega-tegain bangunin Ibu Negara buat ngasih buket snack hasil keisengan aku. Hohoho…


Dari gambar barusan, udah ketauan kan kalo si Ibu Negara akhirnya sukses aku bangunin? Ahahaha… Maapkan akuuuuu…

Well, pokoknya, congratulations lah… sekarang udah sarjana pendidikan! Walopun ke depannya fokus jadi ibu rumah tangga, yang penting kuliahnya udah kelar – officially!

Plus… makasih buat makan-makannyaaaa… PS: Abis aku bangunin, Ibu Negara malah masakin Indomie goreng! So sweeeeet… :*

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7 Colors I Love

Hello gorgeous…

There are 7 colors that I really like. Here they are!

#1. Red
The color of bravery… passion… energy… ambition… and spirit!
This is my top color. My netbook is red. Some of my purses are red. A pile of my clothes are red. Some of my bedsheets are also red. I have 4 pairs of red shoes. My lipsticks are all red. My helmet is red! My Telefunken microphone is red. Yes, I love red!

#2. Green
From a huge range of greens, I think I love them all! You can see some greens in my belongings: tees, bag, dresses, shoes, cigarette packs. Green is peaceful and sweet!

#3. Black
Well, actually it’s my number 2’s favorite.
Deep… strong… dominant…
Where can you find it among my belongings? Bedsheets, tees, dresses, shoes, bags, belts, purses, make-up kit…

#4. Blue
Again, another peaceful color. Some of my skirt, tees, pants, dresses, kitchen utensils, belt, bags are blue. And my current boyfriend loves blue!

#5. Pink
Well, I do not really into all kind of pink. I like the bold ones. The strong pink that will dominate my surroundings only. And as the others, you can find it among my wardrobe collection.

#6. Brown
Sweet as chocolate! That’s what I like. Shoes, bags, belts, pants, dress, tees in brown are super easy to mix with.

#7. White
White on clothes is perfect! Yet… It’s a hard thing to keep the color white. It will turn greyish through time. Sad…

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Thread Ball DIY


Wood glue or wax
Sharp object (cloth pin, needle)

Step by step:
1. Inflate the balloon
2. Roll the thread around the balloon
3. Apply wood glue or wax to the thread
4. Kill the balloon and pulled the pieces out
5. Voila! You made 1 thread ball
6. Create as many balls as you like

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Game: Candle Race

Materials:  1 candle and 1 box of matches/group

Time: 30 minutes

How to do it:

  • Each person of a group will run with the candle, to a destination, and back, passing some obstacles.
  • They will then hand off the candle and matches to the next person. If the candle goes out, the person must stop and relight it, before continuing.
  • When all the members of a group finish, the supervisor raises the card for the judges to see the first three places.
  • The first three teams that finish the activity, receive points as following: 1st place – 15 points, 2nd place – 10 points, 3rd place – 5 points, other teams – 2 points.
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Game: Bucket Brigade

Materials: 2 milk bottles/group and 1 plastic cup/student

Time: 20 minutes

How to do it:

  • Form each group into a line, and place a milk bottle at each end.
  • Fill one mostly full of water, and make a mark on the other that is 5 cm below the water line of the one with water.
  • On signal, the first in line will fill his/her cup with water from the full milk bottle, and pour it into the next student’s cup, continuing on to the end, where the last student will pour the water into the empty bottle.
  • This will continue until the bottle with water has been emptied, and the empty bottle has been filled.


  • If a group spills too much water, they may be unable to fill the empty bottle so they will be eliminated.
  • The supervisor needs to raise the card when his/her team finishes, for the judge to see the first three places.
  • The first three teams that fill the bottle, receive points as following: 1st place – 15 points, 2nd place – 10 points, 3rd place – 5 points, the other teams – 2 points.