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TV Series: The Big Bang Theory

Hello gorgeous!


I’m back again, with a review of The Big Bang Theory, an American TV series created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. There are 12 seasons in total (12th season is planned to be aired in 2018), with 17 episodes on Season 1, 23 episodes on Season 2 and 3, and 24 episodes  on each of the next ones.


The Story

The Big Bang Theory is centered on 5 main characters living in Pasadena, California. I’ll tell you each of them, from the character I love the most to the least. Let’s start!

  1. Sheldon Cooper (portrayed by Jim Parsons); a senior theoretical physicist at Caltech, a genius, naive, science maniac (like totally, in every aspect of life), blind of sarcasm, lack of common sense, childish, stubborn, comic lover (I think comic-ism is his religion, other than science-ism), wear comic/superhero T-shirt in daily basis.
  2. Penny (portrayed by Kaley Cuoco); a waitress at CheeseCake Factory, a ‘common’ girl, not so bright intellectually, good social skill. Despite of her huge difference with the boys group, she manages to stick around.
  3. Leonard Hofstadter (portrayed by Johnny Galecki); an experimental physicist at Caltech, the most ‘normal’ guy in the geek group.
  4. Rajesh Koothrappali (portrayed by Kunal Nayyar); an astrophysicist at Caltech, a guy who could never talk to women (goes absolutely silent) when not under alcohol influence, a bit delusional and cocky sometimes.
  5. Howard Wolowitz (portrayed by Simon Helberg); an aerospace engineer at Caltech, lives with his mom, a desperate womanizer-wannabe, the most geeky-dressed guy in the group, belt-buckle collector.


Sheldon and Leonard live at the same apartment. Penny is their new neighbor on the 1st episode. Raj and Howard are friends with Leonard, which make the 4 geeks hang out together for years (Leonard is absolutely the glue in this friendship), sharing common interests on comic book, science, science fiction movie, and games.

Some supporting characters pop up afterwards, I’ll sum up shortly. Hang on!

  1. Amy Farrah Fowler (portrayed by Mayim Bialik, firstly appeared on Season 3); a neuroscientist, smart, lack of common sense, a perfect match of Sheldon.
  2. Leslie Winkle (portrayed by Sara Gilbert, firstly appeared on Season 1); an experimental physicist, smart, kinda cold-hearted, violin player, dated Leonard and Howard.
  3. Beverly Hofstadter (portrayed by Christine Baranski, firstly appeared on Season 2); an analytical neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and author. She’s Leonard’s mom.
  4. Mary Cooper (portrayed by Laurie Metcalf; firstly appeared on Season 1); a church employee, Sheldon’s mom, a true believer. She’s the only one who can ‘control’ Sheldon.
  5. Bernadette Rostenkowski (portrayed by Melissa Rauch, firstly appeared on Season 3); a microbiologist, smart, cute, a bit naive (she couldn’t get jokes so often).
  6. Zack Johnson (portrayed by Brian Thomas Smith, firstly appeared on Season 3), a Vice President of Menu Designing Company – a family business, dated Penny, has low intelligence despite of the handsome face.
  7. Stuart Bloom (portrayed by Kevin Sussman, firstly appeared on Season 2); a comic book shop owner, have a secret crush on Penny.
  8. Emily Sweeney (portrayed by Laura Spencer, firstly appeared on Season 7); a dermatologist, have a creepy sense of humor, dated Raj.


Things to love about the series

  • The science theme! There’s not much of it in the world of TV series, especially the comedy ones (another one I like is The IT Crowd).
  • The unique characters and how they interact among each other.
  • Each episode is 20-25 minutes long, so it’s good for a quick entertainment if you are not a chain-watcher and decent series marathon (8-10 hours per season) if you are a…freak (well, I do…).
  • The theme song by Barenaked Ladies (Listen on Spotify) is both annoying and addictive.

My overall rate would be… 5 stars out of 5! You should watch it, for real, and then let me know whether you like it or not. 😉




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Hidden Self Personality Test

About the App

I tried an app of personality test on my phone, called Hidden Self Personality Test. Aaand… The result was quite interesting! It reflected me almost perfectly. You have to try!

Notes: The visual display was not so appealing, so… don’t expect something too sophisticated! 🙂

My Result

1. Leading Factor H-


  • Collective humanitarian kindness.
  • Love of nature and mankind.
  • Cultural needs and humanitarian ideas: culture in general, literature and literary arts in particular, spiritual love of humanity.

Main sense & reality perception: Touch, sight

  • They are sensitive, impressionable, vulnerable and self-sacrificing. But sometimes they can seem more self-centered than most others. They have a deep need for affection, empathy, understanding and respect. They are impressionable and very sensitive to disapproval and more prone to anxiety.
  • They often go to great lengths to avoid criticism and conflicts. This leads to people-pleasing, and trying their hardest to always make sure everyone likes them and is happy with them.
  • Such people are creative and have a passion for a creative hobby, like painting, music, or writing. Their mind seems to work in a different way than most. They notice or enjoy delicate or fine scents, sounds and works of art. They are highly sensitive to the environment too. Sometimes other people’s attitude may affect their mood. Their internal state very often mirrors people’s attitude.
  • They moves from personal love to the love of humanity. Thus, they identify themselves with this more abstract form of affection: love of humanity. These people often seem cool in interpersonal relations but show warm social or artistic attitudes.

The functions and career ideas: focused on self/others’ body

  • The need is for sensual contact through the sense of touch. For example, the occupation of hair dresser, which involves touching the client, represents a social expression of this need.
  • To touch, to feel (something), to stroke, to massage, to have to do with the body (masseur, physical therapist, nurse, musician of string and plucking instruments).
  • To work on someone’s hair, to put scent or perfume on someone (hair stylist, beautician).
  • To serve or to wait on (serving jobs in general).
  • To do handwork with soft fabrics and materials, clothing, or textiles (tailors, show window decorator, florist, textile decorator).
  • To be full of feelings, to sacrifice, to be full of love, to behave lyrically toward the occupational object (musician, lyric professions).
  • To do activities which appeal directly or indirectly to the erotic (dancer, ballet master, film director, model photographer, art and poets concerned with eroticism, lyric poet, dermatologist, sexual researcher, sexual psychologist).
  • The occupations are musician, lyric poet, gynecologist, physician for the skin (dermatologists) and for sexual illnesses.

2. M- Factor


  • Loneliness.
  • Good reality sense, realism
    , materialism, ease in acquiring money, squandering money, quick anger with quick fading.

Main sense & reality perception: Taste

  • They have an ability to give love and emotional support to the love object.
  • They can be a good supporter of someone in a bad situation as a mother would be for a child in bad circumstances. However, they expect that the one helped will give love in return.
  • They have a high tolerance for frustration and sometimes may have a pessimistic outlook toward obtaining pleasure and love from others and the environment.

The functions and career ideas: focused on food, drinks, speech

  • To joke, to chatter, to tell, to narrate (master of ceremonies, cabaret master of ceremonies, fantastic or exaggerated story telling, using wit, humor, and narration).
  • To talk, to speak, to telephone, to report, to lecture, to recite (reporter, politician, radio or TV speaker, telephone speaker, concierge, speech teacher).
  • To greet, to welcome, to make contact (being in a partnership type of occupation, trade, salesperson, catering trade).
  • To discuss, to negotiate, to sell (salesperson, trader or negotiator).
  • To interpret, to translate (interpreter of foreign language, translator).
  • To sing, to play a wind instrument, to sound (singer, wind instrumentalist).
  • To communicate, to give information, to transmit, to make known, to orient, to inform (giver of information, advisor, consultant, teacher, journalist).
  • To speak artistically, to recite, to declaim (actor, reciter, dramatist, and writer).
  • To eat, to drink, to eat sweets (nourishment materials and occupations concerned with drinks such as kitchens and hotels).
  • To test with taste buds, to sample food (wine tester, coffee tester).
  • To nourish, to feed, to give food and drink (restaurant worker, service employee, barkeeper, bar server).
  • To prepare food, to cook (cook, landlord, hotel owner and workers).
  • To produce or sell food or food stuffs (baker, pastry cook, maker of food and worker in food factory).
  • To sell food or food stuffs (food salespersons).

3. Additional Characteristic

  • An active repression of libidinal drives and aggressive feelings. The sublimation of libidinal energy in some social or professional activity.
  • Moral dilemmas(situations in which there is a choice to be made between two options, neither of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable fashion).
  • The ego in fight against conflict. Self-restraint.
  • Since the opposing drive tendencies simultaneously cathect consciousness, none of them can obtain autonomous dominance. The resulting effect is a babylonian confusion. This ego pattern appears with approximately equal frequency among the three main professional categories, physical labor, the services and intellectual pursuits.
  • Unhappiness due to loss of the relationship. There is not any readiness for a new relationship.
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Gift: Coloring Markers

Caution: The upcoming post(s) will cover about the birthday gifts I got this year. You might get extremely sick about it, or nauseous. To keep in mind that this is not an attempt of arrogance or whatsoever. It’s simply my way of expressing my gratitude towards the thoughtful presents – which I considered as tokens of appreciation and love. Also to give you a gift reference (I myself found it’s pretty hard to decide what to give to my friends or boyfriend for their birthday).

Let’s start, shall we?

One of my friend (again, she’s also a colleague of mine) gave me a bucket of coloring markers on my birthday. She decided to choose this present after she found out that someone gave me a coloring book while I lost my coloring pencils after I moved out to my current house. See? That’s what I like about gifts! It actually shows how well someone know you. Or at least, it shows how your friends want you to be.

OK, back to the bucket!

So, the Faber Castell bucket was full of markers: 50 colors in total!

Now, if your friend loves to draw or color or just make random artwork, this gift would be a perfect fit!

You’ve seen the results on my previous post Gift: Adult Coloring Book. And now, I present to you… THE MARKERS!

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Gift: Adult Coloring Book

I had my birthday on August 1st, and unlike the past years, I didn’t manage to write anything about it (Well… It’s not like this topic is important, though…)

And… Since today I’m in the mood of writing (Yeay!), I’d like to share about 1 birthday present I got on August. It might be interesting for your reference to buy a gift. Read on!

OK now, Jupy – a friend of mine, a colleague, and a crazy ass foreigner – gave me a coloring book for my 31st birthday. Yes! A COLORING BOOK. The cover said “Coloring Book for Adults” and also “ANTI STRESS”. I have to admit that he knows me pretty well from this wonderful gift.

It was published by Gramedia (a book store and publisher, well-known in Indonesia), made by Yulianto Qin, and brought up Batik (traditional printing pattern) theme.

I would say that this gift will suit either males or females. Just make sure that the one receibing it is an adult! Why? Because the drawing and the coloring level are absolutely too much for a kid. I spend a few hours to finish 1 page. Sometimes I leave 1 page unfinished, to go back at it another time.

Bo more chit chat, mate… Go see it for yourselves!

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Review: Train to Busan

Yesterday I watched a recently-launched Korean movie: Train to Busan. It was…… Hmm, let’s talk about the movie first, OK?

Plot (as copied from Wiki)

A man named Gong Yoo (a fund manager, AFAIK), his estranged daughter, and other passengers were trapped on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

The Conflicts

Of course, along the movie you’ll jump several times at the appearances of this living dead creatures. As its predecessors, you’ll find also the antagonist: stupid human being who acts like owning the whole world.

There’s a change in the main character’s attitude as an impact of the whole zombie situation. There are some drama moments which almost made me cry (Hey, it’s Korean movie… Dropping tears is beyond common!).

My Review

Overall rate… 3 out of 5 stars. Why?

The background story is unclear. The reason behibd the epidemic is only mentioned in 1 line. I feel like the movie tries too hard on selling the drama, thus sacrifices this important info as a result.

The zombies CAN RUN! For hell’s sake, it’s horrible to see the running zombies! Even though there’s no offial rules of zombification nor an exact history of zombie’s origin, this zombie behavior is an absolute subject of complains.

The infection rate/speed between 1 person to another is inconsistent. As an example… A is a zombie. B is bitten, hence turns into a zombie, in a 10 minutes.  C is bitten and turns into a zombie in 5 seconds. So… Inconsistent! Right?!

Last but not least: too much drama, dude! Instead of just run and dodge the situation, the characters spend some minutes to stare at each other – as in tipical Korean drama. In romantic movie, it’s perfectly fine. But in this genre… it’s just too much, sorry…

After all, it’s still entertaining, so I would suggest you to watch this movie, for fun! Especially if you are a fan of horror and thriller genre.

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TV Show: The Comment

Hello gorgeous,

Saya kerap meluangkan waktu lebih dari 10 jam sehari untuk bekerja. Tentunya, otak dan energi saya terperas untuk pekerjaan saya sehari-hari.

Saat akhirnya pulang ke rumah, menonton TV adalah hak yang wajib saya lakukan untuk melepas penat, apalagi setelah saluran Net TV merambah masuk ke Yogyakarta.

Salah satu acara favorit saya dari Net TV adalah The Comment. Muatannya tidak bisa dibilang informatif, walaupun sesekali memberikan informasi kecil yang berguna bagi saya. Setidaknya, ada beberapa hal yang bisa saya adaptasi untuk kepentingan pekerjaan saya. Di balik kekonyolannya, konten dan permainan yang ada di dalamnya sungguh kreatif!

Pembawa acara The Comment adalah 2 orang penyiar radio, Imam Darto dan Dimas Danang. Mereka sudah terbiasa bekerja berdua sehingga tampak adanya chemistry yang kuat saat mereka berada di panggung The Comment.

Inti dari acara ini adalah informasi yang menghibur, dalam bentuk video atau gambar yang diunggah dari media sosial sesuai dengan tema segmen yang sedang berlangsung. Selain itu, The Comment mengundang beberapa bintang tamu – mayoritas wanita – dari kalangan selebritis. Di segmen terakhir, biasanya ada kompetisi berupa mini games untuk para bintang tamu.

Untuk meninggalkan hal-hal yang ‘serius’ – pekerjaan, misalnya – The Comment merupakan tontonan yang pas bagi saya. Sebagian orang mungkin menganggap acara ini kurang bermutu, tapi bagi saya acara ini dikemas dengan sederhana namun smart!

Rate dari saya: 5 bintang!


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Game: Hay Day

Hello gorgeous…

After seeing some friends playing this game, I finally decided to install Hay Day on my phone. What is it? And what’s fun in this game? Keep reading to find out!

What’s Hay Day?
It’s a mobile game for Android (I think iOS also) about farming – the tycoon type of game.

Get the app HERE for Android.

Describe Hay Day!
I copy-paste the description from the store, with a little modification. Scroll fast to skip this part.

Best. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries.

Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. It’s a real special place where the crops never die even though it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun!

PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. A network connection is also required.

♥ Grow and customize your farm
♥ Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors and friends through your very own roadside shop
♥ Fulfill orders with your truck and even by steamboat
♥ Repair your dock and cast your lure to fish the waters
♥ Build your own town and welcome visitors

Media Mentions:

“Hay Day‘s presentation is fairly cinematic for a mobile game. It’s eye candy. […] If you’re a fan of simulation games, Hay Day is visually pleasing and will definitely keep your inner agriculturalist giddy for hours.” – Gamezebo

“Watching your crops grow and your twee factories spew out products is a quietly pleasing experience.” – Pocketgamer

Player Reviews:
Hay Day is very proud to announce over 5 million five star reviews on Google Play!

Neighbor, are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age.

Click the title below for:
Privacy Policy
Terms of Service
Parent’s Guide

My Thoughts
It’s an addictive game!
But at some point… for a semi-gamer like me, it gets boring…

You have to dedicate a huge amount of time checking the farm!
As most of tycoon games, the more level you have, the more time you need to spend in growing/building something. In my opinion, there are too many items in Hay Day which have impossible ETA!

That’s why, I still need other games on my phone to play with, while waiting for my crops or buildings to be ready. That’s troublesome. I think, a good addictive game should never give too much idle time to the users. Just a thought.

Overall, I’ll give 3 stars out of 5… 🙂









Well done, Supercell!!